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Sam Broadcaster Cloud (Outages)

We keep seeing posts from lots of frustrated SAM Broadcaster Cloud customers. Sorry Folks, the stream is down! Hopefully the good folks @spacial will have this figured out soon! Said: FunHouseRadio @FunHouseRadioUS It appears there have been several major outages on the platform hosting Spacial Audio’s SAM Broadcaster Cloud solution. We were back, then down....

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Sam Broadcaster Alternative?

A really great alternative to SAM Broadcaster is RadioDJ free radio automation software

It’s always nice to see people searching for an alternative to SAM Broadcaster.

A really great alternative to SAM Broadcaster is RadioDJ

RadioDJ is a FREE radio automation package (No Catches/No Keys/No hidden fees)

RadioDJ also makes running an Internet Radio stream really easy.

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I’ve Had To Shut My Radio Station Down (Sam Broadcaster Pro)

I looked at the Spacial Audio page on Facebook reacently and couldn’t help but notice an angry user venting about various issues with SAM Broadcaster. I have SAM Broadcaster Pro on two laptops neither will work because of constant crashing issues. I can not DJ because your software keeps letting me down plus I have....

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Frustration At Audio Distortion (Sam Broadcaster Pro)

Been watching a topic on the Spacial forums where a long time user of SAM Broadcaster is complaining about really bad distortion on his stream. I get a distorted & garbled audio stream with SAM Broadcaster Pro. I searched the forum and couldn’t find any conclusive troubleshooting on the topic. I don’t have time for....

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Sorry That You Are Having Trouble With The Application (Sam Broadcaster Pro)

Saw the latest Blog post from Spacial Audio recently. Seems like they’ve finally acknowledged there are major flaws with SAM Broadcaster. We are sorry that you are having trouble with the application and we want to help you resolve this problem as swiftly as possible but in order to do achieve this, the more specific....

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Sam Broadcaster 2016

I saw a few days back that Spacial Audio had released SAM Broadcaster 2016.1 Now before you say “OH he’s bashing SAM again” I’m not! I’m just making my observations as to what happened when I went to test it. I just wish those observations weren’t the same as when I tested the 2015 versions....

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I Have To Use A Cracked Copy Of Sam Broadcaster?

I’ve blogged before about the SAM Broadcaster activation system NOT being fit for purpose. It seems one SAM Broadcaster user is frustrated that they cannot activate SAM on a new machine. Reading the post on the Spacial forums it appears this users problems stem from the key apparently being used by other people. It appears....

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Why Complain If You Won’t Do Anything About It? (Sam Broadcaster Crashing)

Not a month goes by without us seeing posts on social media from people having issues with SAM Broadcaster Pro crashing on them without warning. I replied to one user having this issue to let them know about RadioDJ free radio automation software being far more stable & reliable than SAM Broadcaster.

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Sam Broadcaster Stops Playing

A user posted on the Spacial Audio forums about a problem they’re having with SAM Broadcaster Pro. The post stated that SAM Broadcaster had stopped playing songs on their Windows 2008 server. The list of problems & bugs that exist within SAM Broadcaster Pro is endless.

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Endless Buffering With Sam Broadcaster Cloud

Just seen a post on the Spacial forums from a user using SAM Broadcaster Cloud to stream in Second Life. He appears to be suffering with those dreaded “buffering” issues with the SAM Broadcaster Cloud broadcast control.

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