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Sam Broadcaster Problems Unique?

It appears the Spacial Audio marketing department don’t like users asking on their social media pages if anyone else is suffering problems with SAM Broadcaster. “We would greatly appreciate it if you could let us handle customer queries as customer problems are unique” Yes that’s what we’ll call the problems with Spacial Audio software “Unique”

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Sam Broadcaster Mac SQL Problems

SAM Broadcaster for the Mac has now been Scrapped/discontinued by Spacial Audio!

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Sam Broadcaster Crossfade Problems

SAM Broadcaster Crossfade Problems As hard as I tried over the years I could never get SAM Broadcaster to transition smoothly between songs. “This happened with every version of the software from 2.7.9 through to the newer versions. So it’s not just a problem confined to one version of SAM Broadcaster but every version of....

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Its Not Just Sam Broadcaster That Crashes (Sam DJ)

As the topic of the post suggests its not just SAM Broadcaster that suffers with stability problems, other Spacial Audio software suffers from the same problem especially SAM DJ (Formerly SAM Party DJ) Some one posted this on Facebook “I bought Sam DJ today and it keeps crashing after about 15 minutes. Can anyone tell....

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Insecure Library Loading Code Execution (Sam Broadcaster)

Came across a link on social media recently that said there was a vulnerability found in SAM Broadcaster 2018.7 Technical Details & Description:

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Sam Broadcaster Auto Close

Saw this search term in amongst the terms on this website recently. “SAM Broadcaster Auto Close” Is this problem really still happening with SAM Broadcaster in this day and age? I’d love to know which version it is that isn’t working for this person.

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Sam Broadcaster 2017

Saw a post on the Spacial Audio forum this morning stating that SAM Broadcaster 2017 had been released. “However I don’t need to test it… Because I know it will still be the same infuriating POS that it’s always been” They’ve not even added any new features its just fixes for things that should have....

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Sam Broadcaster (Stops Working)

We keeping seeing more & more users with the same problems with SAM Broadcaster. @spacial Sam Broadcaster keeps crashing my machine every 30 minutes are you aware of this or is it my machine? NO its NOT your machine Matey! Its SAM Broadcaster doing what its always done.

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Sam Broadcaster Cloud (Outages)

We keep seeing posts from lots of frustrated SAM Broadcaster Cloud customers. “On Saturday night all the Live DJ accounts went into ‘trial mode’ and we had to stop live shows” It appears there have been several major outages on the Microsoft Azure platform hosting Spacial Audio’s SAM Broadcaster Cloud solution. “We were back, then....

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Sam Broadcaster Alternative?

A really great alternative to SAM Broadcaster is RadioDJ free radio automation software

It’s always nice to see people searching for an alternative to SAM Broadcaster.

A really great alternative to SAM Broadcaster is RadioDJ

RadioDJ is a FREE radio automation package (No Catches/No Keys/No hidden fees)

RadioDJ also makes running an Internet Radio stream really easy.

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