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RadioDJ Can’t Do What Sam Broadcaster Can?

A gripe about RadioDJ on a forum recently really did take the biscuit. “Let’s set the record straight Radio DJ does not even come close to what you can do with SAM Broadcaster Pro let me repeat it again not even close” Excuse me while I laugh out loud!

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RadioDJ Changelog (Version History)

The version history of RadioDJ The changes list: (Beta) – Fixed rotation editor bug which caused the deleted items to appear again (when using the keyboard delete key) [FIXED]; – Improved the database procedure code for AutoDJ; – Minor bug fixes; (Beta) – Finalized new AutoDJ logic implementation. – AutoDJ “items to keep”....

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Free Alternative To Sam Broadcaster

FAQ: Is there a free alternative to SAM Broadcaster Pro?

A: Yes RadioDJ is a 100% FREE alternative to SAM Broadcaster

RadioDJ is suitable for DJs of all ages and abilities and makes for a perfect Auto DJ system.

Based around an easy to install MySQL Database this software can integrate with your web applications and has a multitude of plugins available to run different functions.

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