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Sam Broadcaster Free Full Version?

The searches we see on the Google analytics dashboard for this blog make us laugh some days. Others searches make me think I need to do a blog post about that… “SAM Broadcaster Free Full Version”

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Reasons Not To Use Sam Broadcaster

When you pay $$$ for software you would expect help and support if something went wrong. When SAM Broadcaster goes wrong (and it will) don’t expect to get much help from Spacial Audio: The Spacial support department sends users the same old canned replies without actually helping anyone. Even the forums and social media accounts....

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Encoding Software (Standalone Encoders)

With RadioDJ you have a couple of options when it comes to encoding software. Here are some of the alternative stand alone versions out there on the market.

Stand alone encoding software frees up the automation software to do what its best.

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Sam Broadcaster Bad Audio

Recently searched through Audiorealm and started tuning into a few random radio stations. Some of them were quite good and sounded brilliant. Some of them however did not. Digging a bit deeper the reason for the poor audio quality on some of the stations was immediately clear.

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