I’ve just seen a conversation on Twitter about volume levels being distorted in SAM Broadcaster.

(Nothing new there!)

When I suggested they should use RadioDJ they’ve come back with.

“OH but RadioDJ isn’t screen reader friendly”

RadioDJ was merely a suggestion & I wasn’t aware of the users sight problems when I tweeted the suggestion.

Firstly I’m not sure if this is a flaw in RadioDJ or the screen reading software either way it’s annoying. I know the author of RadioDJ is looking into a solution for this problem.

It sucks that people can’t use a great piece of software because something that’s supposed to improve access for the disabled isn’t 100% accessible with some software.

“Before the haters think I’m having a go at the blind and disabled I’m NOT! I have nothing against blind/partially sighted people my Dad used to go and play bowls with them once a week. Crown Green during the Summer months & indoor bowls during the Winter months. They were quite good at it.

It’s just a shame these people have to stick with SAM Broadcaster and it’s sound issues because that works with a screen reader.

We’re sure they would love RadioDJ if only their screen readers worked with it.

“You’d think in this day and age something would exist to do the job!”

Here’s hoping one of these days someone “invents” a screen reader that can deal with a .NET application such as RadioDJ.

If anyone finds a screen reader that works with RadioDJ let me know via Twitter @DJGarybaldy so I can promote the hell out of it!

Last updated on: 7th September 2018
at 15:30 PM Europe/London