Just noticed this Tweet on Twitter and I have to say it didn’t really surprise me TBH!

@spacial Not impressed with your latest SAM Broadcaster Pro 2018 update.

Said: Lozo

“SAM was running along fine until the latest Windows update. Feature update to Windows 10, version 1903 last night 30/7/19, Now neither player will play. SAM starts, logs in and all appears normal but players are inactive and they won’t start”

How on earth is anyone supposed to run an online radio station if the software they use lets them down?

More to the point why do these people still stick with the software even when it has let them down previously.

Spacial Audio are taking their users for mugs by releasing software that isn’t fit for purpose, While all the time still taking money for it and NOT allowing refunds.

Users having issues with SAM Broadcaster should switch to RadioDJ which is a FREE piece of radio automation software.

This is no marketing gimmick either, RadioDJ doesn’t need gimmicks the software speaks well enough for itself.

RadioDJ free radio automation software internet radio

How To Install RadioDJ

RadioDJ won’t let you down like SAM Broadcaster has done for so many users… We’ve used RadioDJ since 2010 so PLEASE believe us when we say its reliable.

I realised years ago that SAM Broadcaster wasn’t worth the $299 price tag that Spacial have the Gaul to charge for the software.

IF software lets you down you don’t stick with it, you find something better, that is what you do and RadioDJ is miles better than SAM. RadioDJ won’t crash or let you down.

SAM Broadcaster has no place in a radio studio.

Last updated on: 8th December 2019
at 07:47 AM Europe/London