We noticed that SAM Broadcaster 2015.2 was released yesterday. (4th August 2015)

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“We have also incorporated a large number of great new features in this version of SAM Broadcaster”

Erm… That’s NOT what the changelog for SAM Broadcaster 2015.2 says.

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*Fix issues related to inappropriately disabled action buttons on SAM VIBE after switching users/stations*

So they’ve NOT added any new features and all they have done is fix an issue with SAM Vibe

(Now called SAM Broadcaster Cloud).

Same old Spacial Audio! Lying to their customers in a vain hope of making a sale.

If they were based in the UK they’d have been reported to trading standards by now.

Forget Spacial audio and their lies!

Just download RadioDJ for FREE instead. Which has new features added with every release (Not just bugfixes)

Download RadioDJ v2

Yet again it’s clear that Spacial Audio aren’t to be trusted with what they say.

Why people still pay them for their overpriced poorly coded software is beyond us.

Last updated on: 29th May 2017
at 08:44 AM Europe/London