These radio automation software pirates know no limits!

They appear to want to crack every piece of software Spacial Audio release.

It’s usually cracked versions of SAM Broadcaster Pro we see people searching for on Google analytics however there have been searches for SAM Cast.

It seems that every product that Spacial Audio has ever released has been cracked or pirated in one way or another on Torrent and File sharing websites.

SAM Broadcaster v4.2.2 being the most widely pirated version of Spacial Audio software ever.

It’s NOT our fault if people are looking to get hold of pirated versions of Spacial Audio software.

Although why anyone would want to crack their software is a mystery as it doesn’t work properly when you lease a legitimate version.

These people should know by now that no matter how hard they might try they cannot crack the newer versions of Spacial software.

We believe Spacial have added code to their software to stop it from being altered/patched/cracked.

It’s not even as if SAMCast is any good anyway.

It’s just the old Simplecast with a redesigned interface plus the encoders in Simplecast suffered with the same buffering issues SAM Broadcaster seemed to suffer from.

Plus SAM Cast doesn’t automatically support title streaming from other automation software.

To get title streaming on SAM Cast you need to know how to work TCP/Serial adaptors along with a file poller program.

TCP/Serial adaptors

1) RadioDJ (Free)

RadioDJ free radio automation software

How To Install RadioDJ

2) MB Recaster (Free) (Shoutcast v1 v2 & Icecast)

MB Recaster

Download MB Recaster

How To Activate An Encoder

3) Sound Empire Caster (Free) (Shoutcast v1 v2 & Icecast)

Tip If you get a blank box pop up while trying to run Sound EmpireCaster just open the .ini file with any good text editing tool, its in the program folder and edit out the current soundcard setting. It should then be able to find your soundcard on first run.

Download SE Caster Here

Those are just a few of the pieces of the FREE standalone encoding/automation solutions available.

“Stop looking for pirated copies of Spacial Audio software… No one likes software piracy!”

If you’ve downloaded a patch from some Dodgy Torrent site then you could end up with nasty viruses and malware on your system and that’s the last thing anyone wants!

DMCA Statement

AFAIK: The Spacial ‘user zone’ is the ONLY place where you can download a FULL version of SAM Cast that can be unlocked via a registration key.

AFAIK = As Far As I Know

Last updated on: 14th November 2019
at 15:16 PM Europe/London