When it comes to Internet radio we find it’s always best to use properly ripped audio files.

You would expect those files should then show the correct duration in the audio software you are using.

Alas It would appear SAM Broadcaster has issues with the duration of some files.

As you can see from the picture below SAM Broadcaster thinks “The Beatles” tracks all have rather long duration times.

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This has been a problem within SAM Broadcaster since the early days (v2.7.7) even with properly ripped .mp3 files.

We’ve found if SAM Broadcaster doesn’t like an .mp3 file it tends to show the time as ??:??

“One of the SVS volunteers on the Spacial Audio has even tried to blame it on the users badly ripped .mp3 files”

It’s NOT the way your music files are ripped/encoded it’s very much a SAM Broadcaster BUG!

I’d imagine it also does this with the other supported file formats.

RadioDJ doesn’t tend to have this issue with properly ripped tracks.

If RadioDJ sometimes misses a end cue point you can easily edit it so it fades out how you want it to. The cue editor in RadioDJ is miles better than the cue point markers in SAM.

The software showing the wrong duration times is just another reason to loathe SAM Broadcaster, if the program can’t do something as simple as show the correct duration of audio files then its utterly useless.

How To Install RadioDJ

It’s another problem within SAM Broadcaster that the Spacial Audio development team are probably aware of but NOT in a hurry to fix.

Last updated on: 5th September 2019
at 13:17 PM Europe/London