Did one of my regular visits to the Spacial Audio forums just to see what the latest posts/gripes from customers were.

“I find these activation errors with this software absolutely ridiculous”

A long time advocate of SAM Broadcaster seems to be getting rather annoyed with the way the program activation server says they have already exceeded their activation limit.


The user goes onto say this:

So this user now has to wait for Spacial Audio support to get back to them during office hours that’s if they can be bothered.

No doubt this has meant this user wasn’t able to do their regular radio show.

Things like this should NEVER happen with radio automation software.

Activation errors with SAM Broadcaster are what we see people complaining about most often.

That and it randomly crashing without warning.

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The user finished off their post with this:

Indeed not a day goes by without us seeing people searching for a cracked/pirated copies of SAM Broadcaster.

We guess that’s because people can’t afford $299 for radio automation.

When will people wake up to the fact that Spacial software and it’s activation servers aren’t up to the job?

STOP paying $$$ to Spacial Audio for software subscriptions every year, You’re only paying them to code even more bad software.

They’ve had over 20 years to get things right and still they plod along each year doing nothing to improve reliability/stability with SAM Broadcaster.

Last updated on: 26th July 2019
at 10:17 AM Europe/London