Anyone who has ever encountered this problem with SAM Broadcaster knows how frustrating it can be when this error message appears in encoders window.

“Unable to send data fast enough Encoding paused until buffer clears”

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When the encoders in SAM Broadcaster say “Unable to send data fast enough” we can guarantee you it’s NOT your Internet connection or your computer at fault.

It’s a major flaw in the SAM Broadcaster encoders which has never been addressed.

I am presently having a major issue with my SAM Broadcaster encoder for my station. Will be back on air as soon as this issue is corrected.

SAM Broadcaster unable to send data fast enough

Even the old Winamp DSP encoders suffered with the same issue.

SAM Broadcaster encoders disconnection

We’ve spent long enough testing other stand alone encoding software options & they all worked as they should for days and weeks without buffering once.

There is an easy solution to this problem.

1) Uninstall Sam Broadcaster from your PC.
2) Download RadioDJ & run the executable as you would any other installation tool and install to C:\RadioDJv2 (outside the programs folder)

3) Setup the database as per the Instructions on part 6
4) Then you can install a stand-alone encoder

Hopefully you should have no more buffering issues with your stream.

If you do it might be worth having a word with your ISP support department to smooth out any connection problems with your upload speeds.

Also in the unlikely event of you running into any issues then there’s help available on the RadioDJ Community Forum

If you search the RadioDJ forums you might just find your question has been answered before.

No one should have to put up with the encoders in software buffering on them!

Last updated on: 13th August 2019
at 18:55 PM Europe/London