If you’re a user of SAM Broadcaster there is no doubt you will have seen an error message like this at some point.

“SAM Broadcaster Unable to Queue a song after 20 tries”

SAM Broadcaster Unable to Queue a song after 20 tries

This happened to me just after installing and configuring SAM Broadcaster.

A fresh import of songs, fresh clockwheel the works. SAM Broadcaster just wouldn’t put any songs in the queue.

As you can see from the screenshot I had over 4 days worth of music in one of the categories in SAM Broadcaster for a clockwheel rotation to pick from.

It’s yet more evidence of a BUG within SAM Broadcaster called “A clockwheel failure”

“A clockwheel failure happens when SAM Broadcaster won’t pick songs from categories even if those categories have enough songs/artists/tracks in them”

If SAM Broadcaster has failed on you like this then may we suggest you switch to Radio DJ free radio automation software.

RadioDJ free radio automation software

We’ve never had this happen with RadioDJ free radio automation software.

It doesn’t seem to matter what rotations I program in RadioDJ the songs load into the playlist as they should.

We switched to using RadioDJ in 2011 because of a clockwheel failure and don’t have anywhere near the same amount of stress we had when using SAM Broadcaster.

We’ve never had a rotation in RadioDJ fail on us, Its quite intelligent with rotations.

Stop paying Spacial Audio for SAM Broadcaster! They aren’t interested in smoothing out bugs like the clockwheel failure in SAM Broadcaster.

Spacial only seem to care about how much $$$ they make for their parent companies rather than actually fix bugs in the program.

Last updated on: 11th May 2018
at 13:23 PM Europe/London