Recently seen a few searches on Google analytics for SAM Broadcaster Studio

We guess they were probably looking for pirated versions of it!

“SAM Broadcaster Studio is the edition of the software aimed at Terrestrial radio stations. You can’t run a Terrestrial radio station with SAM Broadcaster Pro”

It costs slightly more than the normal SAM Broadcaster Pro at around $699.

Except it isn’t worth anywhere near that! Its just a bog standard version of SAM with the word “Studio” stuck on the end & its a slight change in the EULA (End User Licence Agreement) that means that terrestrial stations can now use it.

Although we’d imagine Terrestrial FM/AM stations probably use software that costs thousands of $$$ not some cheap badly designed college project that doesn’t do what its supposed to.

“Even after you buy (lease) Spacial software there are lots of restrictions as to what you can and can’t do with their software”

You end up paying out hundreds of $$$ and then find out you can’t do XYZ with the software.

However if you use Radio DJ free radio automation software you don’t have any such restrictions on use…

We know of a few FM/AM radio stations who are now using Radio DJ quite successfully.

Another RadioDJ v1.8.2 user has had an uptime of over 24 months, you certainly couldn’t get that sort of reliability or stability from SAM Broadcaster Studio.

How To Install RadioDJ

Stop paying hundreds of $$$ to Spacial Audio for SAM Broadcaster Studio it’s simply NOT worth the money they ask for it.

RadioDJ is the go to software for Radio DJ’s now!

Last updated on: 10th October 2018
at 09:50 AM Europe/London