Saw this in amongst the search terms on Google analytics recently…

“SAM Broadcaster Product Activation Offline”

It seems the Spacial Audio activation server fell over at some point over the last couple of days which in turn left users struggling to get SAM Broadcaster activated.

Users having issues getting SAM Broadcaster activated are nothing new…

Even when the user has deactivated the software before they go to reinstall the program on another machine.

“The activation servers have been causing users of SAM Broadcaster grief ever since Spacial Audio changed the way people unlock their software”

Before users just needed a key code to unlock all the features in SAM Broadcaster.

Spacial Audio introduced the Activation requirement back in the days of v4.x.x in order to cut down the numbers of pirated versions and it’s never worked properly when someone needs to activate their software.

It’s just another reason why RadioDJ is better than SAM Broadcaster.

RadioDJ free radio automation software

How To Install RadioDJ

RadioDJ will outperform SAM Broadcaster at every turn.

We’ve been users of RadioDJ since 2010 and it has never let us down if something has gone wrong its usually been hard drives failing or other computer hardware at fault.

Despite what other radio automation software manufacturers might say in their blog posts FREE radio software isn’t anyone’s enemy!

Last updated on: 26th May 2020
at 16:45 PM Europe/London