It appears the Spacial Audio marketing department don’t like users asking on their social media pages if anyone else is suffering problems with SAM Broadcaster.

“We would greatly appreciate it if you could let us handle customer queries as customer problems are unique”

Yes that’s what we’ll call the problems with Spacial Audio software “Unique”

“Unique because no one else seems to code software that crashes and goes wrong so often”

We can understand how easy it is to get frustrated with SAM Broadcaster as a program. We spent years trying to get the program to work.

SAM Broadcaster has NEVER worked for what it was designed for (You can quote me on that)

SAM Broadcaster started life as a badly designed college project anyway.

It still contains the same bugs now that were in the program way back in 2002.

All the while Spacial still took money from customers without doing anything to fix the glaring BUGS in the software.

Seriously IF Spacial Audio don’t start sorting the stability issues with SAM Broadcaster they will lose out big time to other stable/reliable software such as RadioDJ FREE radio automation software.

RadioDJ doesn’t have anywhere near the same amount of crashing issues that SAM Broadcaster seems to suffer with.

In fact once Setup RadioDJ rarely goes wrong.

“We know of one user of RadioDJ v1.8.2 who had the software running for 24 months without restart”

We’d call that reliable wouldn’t YOU?

STOP buying software from Spacial Audio your only paying them to lurch from one disastrous version of SAM Broadcaster to another.

Our message to the Spacial Audio marketing department:

Drop the attitude! We know you don’t like people complaining about your software on social media.

Last updated on: 11th October 2018
at 14:12 PM Europe/London