I did a post a while back about the restrictions that Spacial Audio place on a Terrestrial station when it comes to using SAM Broadcaster.

Spacial Audio updated their EULA (End User Licence Agreement) on the 10th of April 2017

It would appear that Spacial Audio want to restrict what you can do with their software in the SAM Broadcaster Pro EULA Licence.

So if you’re thinking of using the software to stream an unlicensed station (pirate) then you also may not use their software.

You can only run 1 station per licence with SAM Broadcaster. Which means if you want to have more than 1 station on the go the cost is going to rack up.

Running 3 stations with SAM Broadcaster Pro would cost you 3 x $299 = $897.00 and that’s before you shell out for Licensing, Web hosting and streaming.

“The Software may not be used to transport and stream any terrestrial radio broadcasts and/or communication”

If that’s the case why does SAM Broadcaster come with PCI Card FM capabilities?

SAM Broadcaster PCI Card FM

It gets worse even after you pay $$$ for SAM Broadcaster you still don’t actually own the software: Spacial Audio do…

“The Software in this EULA is being licensed to You and not sold”

Even if something goes wrong with the software they claim they’re not duty bound to help you.

Paragraphs like that made me cringe, People pay out hundreds of $$$ for a piece of software and they wash their hands of you (the customer) as soon as they have the money in their bank accounts. Its WRONG!

No refunds… I’m sure that’s not right and just either.

Save yourself the headaches of SAM Broadcaster and its EULA licence restrictions by using RadioDJ free radio automation

RadioDJ free radio automation software

You are freely allowed to use RadioDJ where you want, when you want and you can run as many Internet/FM radio stations you want to.

Without any ridiculous restrictions in the licence agreement.

We know of several users who have more than 1 Internet/FM radio station running successfully with RadioDJ its rare we hear from those users (IF EVER)

RadioDJ free radio automation software

How To Install RadioDJ

This yet another load of reasons you shouldn’t pay $$$ Spacial Audio for SAM Broadcaster:

Their software terms & conditions are quite frankly laughable.

Last updated on: 5th September 2019
at 12:53 PM Europe/London