Recently read a post on a forum where someone was listing the radio software they had worked with over the years.

When it came to SAM Broadcaster Pro they had this to say.

“I don’t care what everyone else says there is so much evidence that this piece of software was never intended for radio”

We’ve had SAM Broadcaster crash on us more than once while trying to run an online radio stream.

“SAM Broadcaster crashed that often that I ended up losing my regular slot on a radio station. Which in turn made me doubt my ability to manage a live show. Gee thanks for that SAM you piece of S**T”

You see it’s not just us that think SAM Broadcaster isn’t fit for purpose in the world of radio automation software.

It was 1999/2000 when I was first introduced to SAM Broadcaster v1.3 & I found it difficult to use work

SAM (Streaming Audio Manager) was a product conceived & designed by a group of hobby broadcasters & hasn’t seen a great deal of development since.

SAM Broadcaster has no place in the world of radio playout software.

We’ve tried the newer versions and it just seems to be the same OLD program with very few new additions.

SAM Broadcaster still has the same bugs/issues the program had back when it was on version 2.x.x

SAM Broadcaster has never been a program you could use to run a professional radio station with.

It was designed for hobby broadcasters who maybe get 10/15 listeners but not for a station that has 100’s or 1000’s of listeners.

As the original post stated It is buggy and it crashes.

When we used SAM Broadcaster we had to keep a constant watch over it just to make sure it hadn’t crashed or stopped encoding.

There are better options for streaming a radio station with nowadays.

Namely Radio DJ free radio automation software.

RadioDJ free radio automation 2016

We can just leave RadioDJ to the automation without having to worry or keep checking to see if it’s still working.

How To Install RadioDJ

One user of RadioDJ v1.8.2 has had an uptime of 4 years on his laptop.

If people stopped paying Spacial Audio for their products then maybe Triton Digital would get the message that SAM Broadcaster Pro isn’t wanted anymore.

STOP buying SAM Broadcaster Pro from Spacial Audio. You are only paying them to code bad more awful software!

Last updated on: 15th March 2020
at 17:44 PM Europe/London