While doing the usual gathering of statistics and searches recently.

We noticed SAM Broadcaster Pro I want to buy it appear in the search terms.

SAM Broadcaster Pro

Why on earth do people still want to pay $$$ out for SAM Broadcaster?

We could understand people paying for SAM Broadcaster if it was a stable & reliable program but alas it isn’t!

Barely a month goes by without me seeing a post similar to this on social media.

SAM Broadcaster has never been a program that you could rely 100% on to do a live radio show with let alone stream a station from.

The early versions of SAM Broadcaster were badly coded & cobbled together using various (freely available) Winamp plugins.

We’ve never been able to fathom out as to why SAM Broadcaster costs $299 upwards.

SAM Broadcaster Studio can cost $699

The worst bit about Spacial Audio software has to be this:

If the worst happened & Spacial Audio closed down suddenly with no warning one day.

There would be no way your copy of SAM Broadcaster/SAM Cast/SAM DJ would work ever again. That’s because Spacial Audio require the newer versions of their software to be activated online.

Unless it was a really old copy from before the days of online activation but having said that some of the older versions of SAM (2/3/4.x.x) won’t work on Windows 10 (even in compatibility mode)

Should that happen you’d be left out of pocket not to mention stuck with software that wouldn’t work!

People need to wake up to the fact that they don’t need to pay $$$ for radio automation software anymore they just need to download and install RadioDJ.

RadioDJ free radio automation software internet radio

Unlike SAM Broadcaster Pro, RadioDJ doesn’t constantly dial home to check if its activated. There is no Spyware or Malware in RadioDJ.

You can even run multiple Shoutcast/Icecast streams using RadioDJ.

You need a separate licence key per station with SAM Broadcaster the $$$ soon racks up. Running 3 stations would cost $897 & that’s before you pay for hosting…

Once you get RadioDJ installed you will find it works like a charm.

How To Install RadioDJ

@DJGarybaldy We’ve been running RadioDJ for a month straight. Flawless. No errors. No reboots. Absolutely stellar!

It’s really reliable as you can tell from the above tweet!

We’re NOT slating SAM Broadcaster we just tell people the facts about how badly coded SAM Broadcaster is!

So Hopefully they don’t make the same expensive mistake lots of disgruntled customers have.

We think no one should ever buy SAM Broadcaster as an Internet radio automation solution

Last updated on: 27th February 2020
at 17:38 PM Europe/London