Users of the software have reported that they cannot run SAM Broadcaster without the program taking up ALL of the computers CPU/resources.

Ever since SAM Broadcaster v2.x.x the program has always required huge amounts of the CPU/memory.

SAM Broadcaster has always been a resource hog no matter how much processing power your PC had.

“SAM Broadcaster locked up on me in the middle of radio shows and it’s a resource hog, it would always max out my CPU when I least wanted it or needed it”


More often than not SAM Broadcaster would require a restart after it locked up and froze. I usually had to get task manager to help me exit the software.

SAM Broadcaster is a very system intensive piece of software. It requires a lot of the systems time and resources.

I saw this on a post on a forum recently.

We’re sure Spacial Audio are well aware of SAM Broadcaster and the amount of resources it hogs.

When SAM Broadcaster crashes it can be because the program is hogging so many of the PC’s CPU processes.

This isn’t a problem that we seem to have with RadioDJ free radio automation software.

Radio DJ free radio automation software

RadioDJ hardly uses the CPU and isn’t as memory hungry as SAM Broadcaster is known to be. Plus RadioDJ doesn’t seem to crash or freeze like SAM Broadcaster does.

RadioDJ can be ran on a system with as little as 1000 MHz CPU and 1GB RAM

RadioDJ doesn’t use huge amounts of CPU or Memory. Its quite light on the computers resources it uses around 40-50% of the CPU on track change then its back down to the level it was before.

RadioDJ CPU Task Manager

As you can see from the above image it hardly uses any Memory or CPU when its playing a track.

That’s another reason as to why RadioDJ is far superior to SAM Broadcaster Pro.

How To Install RadioDJ

SAM has been known to slam the CPU up to 100% during track changes which then makes the rest of the computer sluggish.

PAL scripts can also cause the CPU/memory usage to spike too due to the amount of Inherent memory leaks PAL scripts cause. A badly written PAL script can eat up lots of resources.

Every time Spacial release a new version of SAM Broadcaster it’s the same old story we hear of users having crashing issues.

Versions 2/3/4 all hogged resources/crashed & it seems the newer versions do exactly the same.

Yes I said Lease you never actually own SAM Broadcaster outright.

Maybe one day Spacial Audio will get their act together and give people a program that doesn’t use huge amounts of CPU & Memory.

PAL = Playlist Automation Language (Based on Delphi)

Last updated on: 18th October 2019
at 16:38 PM Europe/London