Saw a post on social media from someone saying that their copy of SAM Broadcaster has been ‘fixed’ but now they’re back on air they have no listeners returning to their stream.

“SAM Broadcaster costing station owners listeners is nothing new, Really it isn’t, SAM has been doing this for over 19 years now”

When SAM Broadcaster goes wrong and if you have 20 listeners those listeners will move onto another station while you’re off air ‘fixing’ things.

What’s worse is those listeners may never return and that’s not what you want when running an Internet radio stream.

We quite often see reports of SAM Broadcaster going wrong, But its rare for us to see people having an issue with RadioDJ.

RadioDJ is more robust that SAM Broadcaster and doesn’t tend to crash and burn, I hardly ever hear of someone losing listeners on a RadioDJ stream.

One user of RadioDJ has had his copy running for over 30 months straight.

Its really easy to install and use RadioDJ

How To Install RadioDJ

SAM has never worked as it was designed, We had no end of frustrations with SAM Broadcaster over the 10 or so years we used it, and now we don’t have any frustrations using RadioDJ.

We can leave RadioDJ alone to automate our music stream every day, every week of every year. Something else we couldn’t do with SAM!

Save yourself the headaches don’t even contemplate SAM Broadcaster when choosing software for your online radio station.

SAM Broadcaster just isn’t worth the $299 price tag.

Last updated on: 13th July 2019
at 15:23 PM Europe/London