I saw a tweet recently about SAM Broadcaster & I have to say it made me laugh out loud.

“SAM Broadcaster is the Fisher Price of radio automation and shouldn’t be used by anybody”

Personally I think that’s an insult to Fisher Price products at least their record player, radio & tape deck worked!


The person who tweeted that wasn’t that far off the mark as it goes.

When SAM Broadcaster first came out in 1999 it looked like a badly designed college project.

Here are some screenshots of SAM Broadcaster v1.3

It was badly thought out & badly designed from from the start IMHO.

Back in the day SAM v1.3 was just as temperamental as the newer versions are it would also crash/freeze.

Especially if you were trying to import a huge folder of music into the program.

Further to this the program relied on Winamp plugins as a back-end to enable certain functions and still does to some extent.

Click to enlarge

“So in reality SAM Broadcaster is made up from once freely available Winamp plugins”

When SAM v2.x.x came out with a redesigned interface it was still wasn’t much better.

Click to enlarge

Problems with SAM Broadcaster ranged from the program using huge amounts of CPU to the encoders buffering & even the program crashing without warning.

The list of known issues & bugs is endless with SAM Broadcaster.

Spacial Audio show little sign of fixing these things anytime soon.

18 years on from that first release of SAM things haven’t improved with the software.

It’s still prone to crashing without warning and the encoders still suffer from the buffering problems.

“Spacial Audio is managed and ran by people who really couldn’t give a damn about the product they are trying to sell to people”

They only seem interested in the $$$ they make for their parent company & it’s very much a case of Sod the customer!

If you’re thinking of buying SAM Broadcaster. Don’t do it you’ll only regret making the purchase!

Spacial Audio software really is as badly programmed as it seems.

Instead why not use RadioDJ radio automation software?

RadioDJ free radio automation software

Download RadioDJ v2

RadioDJ is coded by someone who has a passion for what he does and it won’t crash & burn on you like SAM Broadcaster is known to.

RadioDJ is a lot more reliable & stable. It runs for weeks and months without needing a restart (One user reported 24 months uptime with v1.8.2)

Oh did we mention RadioDJ is 100% FREE? No hidden fees, No keys or activation’s needed to work the full program.

Last updated on: 16th May 2018
at 15:11 PM Europe/London