SAM Broadcaster DJ Seats (No Need)

Spacial Audio now force people to use SAM Broadcaster Cloud in order to use their DJ seat system.

SAM Broadcaster Cloud MonthlySAM Broadcaster Cloud Yearly

There are better options than SAM Broadcaster Cloud for broadcasting with which doesn’t require extra DJ seats.

One option is: You could run RadioDJ on a Windows VPS and then you control how DJ’s would connect to your server.

Just have DJ’s connect to a Shoutcast server at a set time and then relay that stream through RadioDJ

(Yes it really is that simple)

When the DJ finishes their show you would just run an event that starts playing the next item in the playlist

It’s not as if SAM Broadcaster Cloud actually works as it should either that has been plagued by outages and issues.

Stop and think before you hand over any money for any Spacial Audio product.

Switch your station from SAM Broadcaster to RadioDJ instead and you will save cash.

No more paying out $$$ every month/year just so your DJ’s can do their live shows.

How To Install RadioDJ

You can then spend the $$$ you save on something else for your radio station like streaming servers or mixers and microphones.

Makes much more sense don’t you think?

Last updated on: 13th August 2019
at 18:36 PM Europe/London