As hard as I tried over the years I could never get SAM Broadcaster to transition smoothly between songs.

Even the default settings would cut the end of songs off as for jingles and station ID’s it would sometimes skip past them if they were shorter than 10 seconds.

I even tried settings that Festerhead suggested on the SAM Broadcaster forums but that only made the issue worse.

“We think Spacial Audio ripped off a Winamp plugin called SQR Crossfade to make the crossfade feature in SAM Broadcaster”

This is not a problem I’ve encountered with RadioDJ.

RadioDJ crossfades without cutting the ends of songs off even songs with sudden endings seem to crossfade pretty well.

These are the crossfade settings I use with RadioDJ.

If you have been frustrated by the SAM Broadcaster crossfade cutting the end of tracks off or not transitioning smoothly then we know exactly how you feel.

That’s where RadioDJ excels you can control the cue points far easier In RadioDJ than you can SAM Broadcaster Pro.

RadioDJ Cue Point Editor

Make the switch to RadioDJ free radio automation software and all your crossfading nightmares should be over!

RadioDJ free radio automation

How To Install RadioDJ

Last updated on: 22nd December 2019
at 12:06 PM Europe/London