I recently thought I’d install & see if anything changed with the latest version of SAM Broadcaster.

SAM Broadcaster Pro

Sadly it hadn’t

I started the SAM Broadcaster Pro program file up, Installed it, configured it, connected it to Shoutcast, pressed play and off it went or so I thought.

I got called away to help a neighbour with something & I was only gone from the computer for 10/15 minutes IF that.

When I came back the stream was silent nothing was playing.

@spacial Your recent update of Sam Broadcaster keeps crashing on me unexpectedly, are you aware of it happening with other users?

I looked on the computer running the program & an error message said SAM Broadcaster had “Stopped working” you know, that really annoying error!

So nothing has actually changed with SAM Broadcaster then? It’s still prone to crashing without warning and for no apparent reason.

“The SAM Broadcasting system has been downloaded & has crashed each time we have attempted 2 run a BETA test”

I’m surprised the Spacial social media feeds aren’t lit up with complaints about this

That’s saying they haven’t deleted the bad comments from the social media pages again

Why do people still pay Spacial Audio $$$ for software that clearly doesn’t work for what it was designed for.

I could understand people paying $$$ if Spacial Audio’s software worked as advertised but sadly yet again we come to the conclusion that FREE software outperforms SAM Broadcaster for stability & reliability.

We’ve yet to experience the same random crashing issues with RadioDJ free radio automation software.

This what someone else had to say recently about SAM and the issues they were having with the software.

We’ve used RadioDJ since 2011 & we couldn’t ask for anymore from the program it does what it’s supposed to and that’s Automate and it does it amazingly well.

RadioDJ is far better programmed and will work for days/weeks/months without anyone keeping an eye on things.

“Another reason why RadioDJ is far superior to SAM Broadcaster… is the fact you can run as many radio stations as you want with the software”

You can’t run multiple copies of SAM due to restrictions in the licence agreement.

If you want great reliability, stability & just a great piece of software then you need RadioDJ

RadioDJ free radio automation software internet radio

“I downloaded the latest SAM Broadcaster Pro and it crashed several times. Anyone else having issues?”

I’m guessing from download figures a LOT of people are switching from SAM Broadcaster to RadioDJ free radio automation software.

Despite what Spacial may have you believe in their blog posts.

If you haven’t discovered RadioDJ yet what are you waiting for?

Download it & Install it and then take it for a test drive. You have NOTHING to lose.

How To Install RadioDJ

You might just be pleasantly surprised by how good RadioDJ can be and you’ll wonder why you ever paid out $$$ for software such as SAM Broadcaster in the first place.

Last updated on: 8th May 2020
at 16:19 PM Europe/London