Just seen a post on the Spacial Audio forums from a user complaining that they’ve had a SAM Broadcaster clockwheel failure and that SAM was unable to pick any track(s).

SAM Broadcaster unable to Queue Song after 20 tries

“Why does the clockwheel not work on SAM Broadcaster?”

This has been a huge problem with SAM Broadcaster ever since the early versions of the SAM Broadcaster 2.x.x series.

SAM Broadcaster Clockwheel failure

It doesn’t appear that Spacial development team are doing anything to solve the issue.

The minute we switched from SAM Broadcaster to RadioDJ free radio automation software the rotation problems went away.

RadioDJ is a rock solid piece of software The software has never crashed on us while using it, where there has been an issue its been computer hardware related disk drives failing have been the root cause of any downtime since 2011.

RadioDJ free radio automation software

We’ve spent long enough testing other stand alone encoding software and didn’t have any buffering or downtime…

Go Figure!

Running RadioDJ alongside a separate piece of encoding software frees up RadioDJ to do what it does best and that’s Automate.

Our advice is ditch SAM Broadcaster Pro and install RadioDJ free radio automation instead.

RadioDJ has a better track rotation feature and that has never screwed up on us like the clockwheel rotations in SAM Broadcaster did.

RadioDJ 2016 free radio automation software

How To Install RadioDJ

Sadly it seems Spacial Audio really don’t seem to care about getting SAM Broadcaster to work as it was designed.

Last updated on: 3rd May 2020
at 18:59 PM Europe/London