Saw a post on the Spacial Audio forum this morning stating that SAM Broadcaster 2017 had been released.

“However I don’t need to test it… Because I know it will still be the same infuriating POS that it’s always been”

They’ve not even added any new features its just fixes for things that should have been fixed in the 2016 versions.

I await the reports and posts about SAM crashing/freezing and not working as intended again this year.

Besides you have more advanced radio automation software these days for FREE.

RadioDJ won’t crash and burn like SAM Broadcaster is known to and has better support via a Community lead forum where users get help with problems without any hassle.

RadioDJ will outperform SAM Broadcaster in every way shape and form. Plus you will never have to pay anything for the software it really is 100% FREE.

People say I make the problems up about SAM Broadcaster but I DON’T! I just relay what is actually happening with that piece of software and its users.

“I predict 2017 will be another one of those years where people paying $$$ for subscriptions to SAM Broadcaster 2017 won’t see much in the way of [new] features or bug fixes.

If however you do decide to stick with SAM Broadcaster in 2017 and have problems with it you can’t say you weren’t warned!

You will struggle to get a sensible reply from the Spacial Audio help desk/forums when something does go badly wrong with SAM

(That’s IF you get a reply)

Why not save yourself the $$$ and the headaches by just switching software to something that is far better coded?

We hear RadioDJ has some fantastic features planned in the next release!

Last updated on: March 26th, 2017
at 15:12 PM Europe/London

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