So Spacial have released SAM Broadcaster v2015.3

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The changelog for the program shows that the only updates for the program are all SAM Broadcaster Cloud related.

No new features, No apparent bug fixes just some blurb about the request system changing. (It would appear the request system is broken in 2015.3)

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Mind wasn’t the request system always “Cloud” powered?

SAM Broadcaster Cloud is just another name for a server in a data farm.

(Albeit an overpriced one!)

The fact it’s ALL SAM Broadcaster Cloud related updates is going to annoy the regular SAM Broadcaster users who’ve been crying out for new features.

Spacial yet again showing total disregard for their user base of loyal customers.

One of their long time SVS volunteers had this to say…

“Be aware that feature requests to Spacial can take anywhere from 2 weeks (bugs which are already known and in the works) to 10 years to implement (AAC+ support in SAM Broadcaster Pro).

Taking money for a product then not adding new features is criminal IMHO!

Any wonder I keep seeing posts from angry users who have had enough of Spacial Audio and their products?

Forget SAM Broadcaster 2015 and it’s lack of new features. Just download and use RadioDJ instead.

Download RadioDJ v2

RadioDJ is FREE with no catches or hidden fees and has new features added with every new release, unlike SAM Broadcaster which doesn’t seem to get a great deal of features added between releases.

I can’t imagine people will stick around SAM Broadcaster much longer unless Spacial Audio actually pull their thumbs out and add new features.

Last updated on: May 29th, 2017
at 08:38 AM Europe/London

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