I read on the Spacial forums that a user has noticed this major issue with SAM Broadcaster 2014.

Quote: “Sam Broadcaster 2014.3 requires MSXML 4.0.”

MSXML 4.0 is no longer supported by Microsoft. Even firms like Secunia PSI warn against using MSXML 4.0.

So here we go again! When are the development team at Spacial going to stop using outdated programming methods within SAM Broadcaster? Especially when they charge so much for the program.

Mind the main chunk of SAM Broadcaster 2014 is still written in Borland/Embarcadero Delphi.

Most users of Spacial Audio products need to vote with their wallets and use something else instead.

Like RadioDJ which is well programmed unlike SAM Broadcaster 2014.3.

RadioDJ requires .NET to work and works rather well once you get used to what the program can do.

It’s probably also worth noting that RadioDJ was recently rewritten from scratch to take advantage of the latest bass.net files.

My advice as per is switch to RadioDJ free automation software Instead and stop! buying badly programmed software from Spacial Audio.

Last updated on: 31st May 2017
at 14:58 PM Europe/London