Seeing posts from users frustrated that SAM Broadcaster 4.x.x series is not working on Windows 10.

“I am really really pissed, because I paid for my SAM Broadcaster. Now that I have Windows 10… It won’t work”

SAM Broadcaster 4.2.2

Spacial Audio announced that SAM Broadcaster 4.x.x series wouldn’t work on Windows 10 on their Forums a while back.

We can see why some users are totally annoyed at Spacial Audio! Especially when they originally paid $299 for SAM Broadcaster and now that software is obsolete because it won’t work on a newer operating system.

That’s a lot of money for some of those users to swallow & not everyone has endless pots of cash to upgrade software.

“If you own a legitimate copy of SAM Broadcaster 2/3/4.x.x there is only one way you’ll get a working version on Windows 10 & that’s by paying Spacial even more $$$ to upgrade to the newer versions of the software”

However you DON’T need to pay Spacial Audio $$$ to upgrade your software.

You certainly don’t need to stop running a radio station because SAM Broadcaster has stopped working on Windows 10.

You just need change your automation software to something that works…

RadioDJ (No Catches – No Keys – No Hidden Costs)


RadioDJv2 is Windows 7/8/10 compatible as it runs using .NET (at least 4.6.1) & a MySQL server

How To Install RadioDJ

Make the switch today and you’ll certainly notice an improvement in stability & reliability.


We went to test v4.2.2 on Windows 10 after the 1st anniversary update and it won’t install, it won’t even install the database so your up s**t creek if you’re using an older copy of SAM Broadcaster.

So that’s all old versions of the SAM Broadcaster v2/3/4 editions that don’t work on Windows 10.

“Forget SAM Broadcaster 2/3/4.x.x it’s clearly yesterday’s technology”

Everyone should be using RadioDJ as that definitely runs without issues on Windows 10.

Last updated on: 25th September 2018
at 10:10 AM Europe/London