SAM Broadcaster versus RadioDJ which piece of software wins?

Someone asked me to do a comparison between the 2 pieces of software.

SAM Broadcaster 2017 RadioDJv2

So I have…

SAM Broadcaster RadioDJ
Price: $299-$699 FREE/Gratis1
Installer: Yes Yes
Multiple Instances: No Yes
Trial Periods: Yes (14-day trial) None
Online activation: Yes No
Registration Keys: Yes No
Supported OS: Windows 7/8/104 Windows 7/8/10
Built In Encoders: Yes No3
Audio Processing: Yes (built in) Yes (built in)
Supported Databases: MySQL/Firebird/PostgreSQL/MSSQL MySQL
Stability: Users frequently report crashes Reliable and stable6
Ease of use: Can be difficult to setup & use7 Easy to install and use
Support: Via the Helpdesk or Forums2 Via the Community Forum
File Types: mp3/wma/ogg/flac/m4a/aac mp3/wma/ogg/flac/wav5
Restrictions: Only 1 station per licence None


1RadioDJ will soon have a paid for version but the free version will still be available
2Support for SAM Broadcaster can be poor at times users can wait days for an answer
3Encoding can be done via a stand alone encoding program
4Older versions of SAM Broadcaster won’t work on 8/10
5More file types can be added from the BASS Library (
6One user had 2 years uptime from RadioDJ v1.8.2
7There can be difficult PAL scripts to learn for advanced automation

So there you have it. We’ve compared the 2 pieces of software just as someone asked us to.

We still come to the same conclusion everytime.

We feel SAM Broadcaster isn’t worth the money Spacial Audio charge for the program with its lack of reliability and crashing issues.

We’ve never seen where the ‘Value’ is in the software

Actually did we need to write a blog post to tell people that?

Also despite Spacial Audio’s claims about free radio automation software RadioDJ is 100% FREE (NO hidden fees, keys or catches)

RadioDJ is available for use by any DJ (Budding or Professional) or radio station anywhere in the world, You can run multiple stations/streams from the same PC alongside virtual audio cables if you so desire.

Download RadioDJ v2

While we’re at it: Can we just dispel a MYTH about RadioDJ free radio automation software?

“Being free RadioDJ may be buggy and unreliable compared to software which you pay for”

The person who wrote that statement was Wrong!

RadioDJ isn’t full of bugs it’s quite an incredibly reliable & stable program! One user got 2 years uptime from v1.8.2.

We’ve used RadioDJ since 2011 & it has been really reliable & stable. It has NEVER let us down & it’s never crashed during a live show.

When there has been an “issue” It’s always been a problem with the PC/Hardware or Windows updates that meant a restart of the program.

Once setup and working RadioDJ will work as an automation program should.

Make the switch to RadioDJ today you’ll be glad you did!

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