Someone posted on the Spacial Audio forums about a problem they’re having with SAM Broadcaster.

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The list of problems & bugs that exist within SAM Broadcaster is endless.

The post stated that “SAM Broadcaster had stopped playing songs” on their Windows 2008 server.

“SAM Broadcaster not playing songs is nothing new, It happened quite frequently when we used the software. SAM Broadcaster has always been one of those programs you had to keep an eye on to make sure it was still functioning and hadn’t crashed or gone wrong”

SAM Broadcaster not playing songs is well documented on the Spacial forums. It has been a major issue within the software since the days of the 2.x.x versions.

It was one of the reasons we ditched SAM Broadcaster for RadioDJ way back in January 2011.

SAM Broadcaster had trouble loading tracks into the queue and that’s down to what is known as the dreaded Clockwheel Failure Bug.

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“When a clockwheel failure strikes SAM Broadcaster appears to only want to play station ID’s over and over”

The problem with SAM Broadcaster not playing any music should be ringing alarm bells with anyone planning on purchasing the software.

If your copy of SAM Broadcaster decides it doesn’t want to play any songs, Then we reckon you ought to switch to RadioDJ.

This isn’t a problem we hear anyone having with RadioDJ radio automation software.

Once RadioDJ is Installed and has enough music files to pick from using a track rotation, It will work for days/weeks without anyone needing to keep an eye on it.

RadioDJ free radio automation software

“We know of one user who has had RadioDJ running for 30 months”

You shouldn’t have any issues getting RadioDJ to play your tunes & you won’t have to constantly check to see if it’s still loading & playing songs.

The best part about RadioDJ is it’s 100% FREE for use by any DJ or radio station in the world, There are NO catches or hidden fees it really is as you see it.

Who knows one day @Spacial Audio will start coding their software properly, so It does what it’s supposed to and that’s “automate” music, But we won’t hold our breath!

Last updated on: 11th July 2019
at 16:01 PM Europe/London