Are you one of those people on the Internet looking for a SAM Broadcaster Product Activation Key?


We find it truly staggering just how many people look for ways to crack/pirate SAM Broadcaster

Not a day goes by without us seeing someone somewhere searching on Google Analytics for pirated/cracked versions of Spacial Audio software.

“According to the statistics on Google analytics approx:103,213 users have looked for a SAM crack/patch/key within the last 36 month period, It shocked me when I started to add it all up”

Q: Why bother with a pirated/cracked/patched copy of SAM Broadcaster?

If you’ve downloaded SAM Broadcaster from some dodgy torrent/file sharing site then you can almost guarantee it’s been patched/altered in some way to add malware into the .exe file.

“Most of the SAM Broadcaster cracks being offered on the Internet are SAM Broadcaster versions 4.x.x (4.7.3 >> 4.9.8) and they won’t work on Windows 10 no matter how hard you try. Also lot of the cracks we’ve tested in the past had really bad viruses in them”

A Virus is the last thing anybody wants on their PC it could be stealing personal information.

Besides SAM Broadcaster is prone to crashing anyway without adding “malware” or a “virus laden” copy into the mix.

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We believe that Spacial Audio have now coded something into the newer versions of SAM to stop it from being cracked/altered/patched.

You DON’T need a pirated version of SAM Broadcaster when you have RadioDJ free radio automation software.

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RadioDJ doesn’t require keys/cracks/patches to work the full program. It’s completely FREE with no catches or hidden costs.

How To: Install RadioDJ

Stop searching for cracked/warez versions of SAM Broadcaster and just use RadioDJ instead! It makes more sense than using a dodgy cracked version of SAM Broadcaster.

No one likes a software pirate!

Last updated on: 20th April 2018
at 16:08 PM Europe/London