We keeping seeing more & more users with the same sort of problems with SAM Broadcaster Pro.

Recent searches on Google analytics would suggest that all is not well with the software.

The last search in that list is what’s known as a Clockwheel failure where SAM Broadcaster won’t pick any songs even if there are more than enough songs in that category.

SAM Broadcaster unable to Queue Song after 20 tries

Its also probably worth pointing out that RadioDJ was just fine after the Windows 10 update that stopped playback in SAM Broadcaster Pro.

@spacial Sam Broadcaster keeps crashing my machine every 30 minutes are you aware of this or is it my machine?

SAM Broadcaster Pro stops working

NO its NOT your machine! Its SAM Broadcaster doing what its always done crashing for no apparent reason.

Then there’s this user who posted on the forums.

This user thinks they’re going to have to quit doing DJ work because (yet again) SAM isn’t doing what it was designed for.

Wait a minute you DON’T need to stop doing DJ work because SAM Broadcaster keeps letting you down!

You just need to switch to something more reliable such as RadioDJ free radio automation software.

RadioDJ free radio automation software

RadioDJ won’t crash and burn like SAM Broadcaster is know to. We’ve used RadioDJ since 2010 and have yet to have a major issue with it.

How To Install RadioDJ

We hear the same thing year in year out when it comes to SAM Broadcaster and its getting beyond a joke now.

Nothing says quite how shoddy a piece of software is like a disgruntled customer.

People say we make the problems up about SAM Broadcaster which we don’t. We just relay what we see on the Internet or on social media.

After all people need making aware of stuff like this so they don’t end up making an expensive mistake!

“Why are people still paying $$$ to Spacial Audio every year for software that doesn’t work as advertised?”

Spacial Audio’s development team really don’t seem interested in releasing software that works.

Last updated on: 18th September 2019
at 09:20 AM Europe/London