We keep seeing posts on social media from people begging others to try SAM Broadcaster Pro for FREE

OK so you can trial SAM Broadcaster for 14 days/51 hours but after that you the user has to pay out $$$ in order to keep subscribing to the latest versions every year.

SAM Broadcaster is still the same POS that its was 20 years ago with the same bugs that cause the program to crash and burn time after time.

If the idea of paying out $$$ for a subscription year on year isn’t for you may we make a suggestion?

Why not try RadioDJ FREE radio automation software.

RadioDJ free radio automation software

With RadioDJ there are no trial periods, no subscriptions or hidden costs/catches which often come with other paid for software.

How To Install RadioDJ

RadioDJ is amazingly stable once setup and working. One user has had v1.8.2 running for over 24 months without needing to do anything with the software.

We never got the stability or reliability we required from SAM Broadcaster in over 10 years of using the program.

The only time the computer running RadioDJ needs a restart is for Windows updates… If only there was a way of getting out of those.

In the time we’ve used RadioDJ (9 Years and counting) we have yet to have RadioDJ go wrong on us, It’s usually a hardware/driver issue with the PC that causes issues

Try SAM Broadcaster for FREE?

No Thanks… We’ll stick with RadioDJ at least we know that works. After all 220,000+ downloaders of v1.8.2 can’t all be wrong?

Last updated on: 9th October 2019
at 11:25 AM Europe/London