We find it truly staggering just how many people look for ways to crack/pirate SAM Broadcaster Pro.

Not a day goes by without us seeing someone somewhere searching on Google Analytics for pirated/cracked versions of Spacial Audio software.

If you’ve downloaded SAM Broadcaster from some dodgy torrent or file sharing site you can almost guarantee it’s likely to have been altered in some way to add malware/viruses into the .exe file.

Most of the SAM Broadcaster cracks being offered on the Internet are SAM Broadcaster 4.x.x versions and they won’t work on Windows 10 no matter how hard you try. A lot of the crack patches we tested in the past had really bad viruses/malware in them.

A Virus is the last thing anybody wants on their PC it could be stealing personal information.

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Besides SAM Broadcaster is prone to crashing anyway without adding “malware” or a “virus laden” copy into the mix.

You DON’T need a pirated version of SAM Broadcaster when you have RadioDJ free radio automation software.

RadioDJ free radio automation software

RadioDJ doesn’t require keys/cracks/patches to work the full program

How To Install RadioDJ

Stop searching for cracked/warez versions of SAM Broadcaster Pro and just use RadioDJ instead! It makes more sense than using a dodgy cracked version.

No one like a software pirates!

Last updated on: 8th December 2019
at 07:50 AM Europe/London