SAM Broadcaster Pro Not Built for Relaying a Stream?

So even though the program is called Streaming Audio Manager It’s not actually built for relaying a stream through?

SAM Broadcaster Pro

I saw this nugget on a the SAM Broadcaster forums recently

Not much of streaming audio manager if it can’t relay an online stream.

I tried relaying a stream through SAM Broadcaster way back in v2.7.9 and had issues with it buffering and breaking up.

A recent search made on this website: SAM Broadcaster buffering issue with live URL

Tried testing again recently and it still made no difference. The stream I wanted to test wouldn’t play properly in SAM Broadcaster Pro yet it was working perfectly in Winamp and RadioDJ.

RadioDJ free radio automation software

RadioDJ handles streaming rather well.

Sometimes SAM Broadcaster will just sit there buffering while trying to relay a stream and seems to take forever to move onto the next queue item if the stream drops.

That’s even with the silence remover/detector active.

I have to agree with the reply to the post on the Spacial forums.

SAM Broadcaster still has the same glaring bugs it had 20 years ago.

Make the switch to RadioDJ you should have no issues relaying a stream.

How To Install RadioDJ

Last updated on: 15th December 2019
at 12:39 PM Europe/London