SAM Broadcaster Multiple Instances?

Recently saw a post on the SAM Broadcaster forums from a user saying they wanted run more than one instance of SAM Broadcaster.

The user seems unhappy that the software isn’t allowing them to have multiple instances of the software open on the same computer even though they bought a second licence for the software.

“You cannot run multiple instances of SAM Broadcaster on the same computer due to restrictions in the EULA”

If you can’t get 2 instances of SAM Broadcaster working on the same computer then there is of course a simple and easy solution to this problem.

Switch to the better RadioDJ FREE radio automation software.

RadioDJ free radio automation software

You can run multiple instances of RadioDJ for FREE (Providing you untick the box on the main options screen)

IF your computer has enough RAM and processing power you could easily run 2/3 radio stations on the same PC.

TIP: Make sure you give each instance of RadioDJ its own program folder, database and virtual audio cable in order to stream multiple stations.

How To Install RadioDJ

We know of one user of Radio DJ who is running 4 stations with 4 different instances of the program on one computer.

It is really time people woke up to just how bad Spacial Audio and their software limitations are.

Last updated on: 21st August 2018
at 08:48 AM Europe/London