This was a question I saw among the stats on Google analytics.

Q: SAM Broadcaster how good is it?

A: It’s NOT a very good program & it’s certainly not worth the $299 Spacial Audio ask for it!

SAM can be tricky for a novice to setup it gets confusing having 4 different database options on first run. Firebird being the worst of the 4 options that is also flaky and unstable.

Firebird can only hold around 50,000 tracks in its database so no good if you have a large library (100K) of songs

We often hear of users reporting crashing/buffering/activation issues with SAM Broadcaster, often taking their station off air for a few days or we hear about SAM not playing any music just station ID’s & that’s down to something called a “clockwheel failure”

SAM Broadcaster isn’t what you could call a professional radio automation solution its made for the hobby/bedroom DJ market.

When it comes to support Spacial Audio bury their heads in the sand and rarely listen to their customers, often giving rude, abrupt, blunt, curt replies to people having issues with their software or just ignoring peoples support tickets altogether.

I don't have the time, energy or patience to deal with the incompetence & sabotage from @spacial tonight.
#TWRradio is postponed

Rik Johnson (@TheWeldingRoom)

Sometimes they’ve been shamed into answering tickets by someone posting a complaint on social media.

if @spacial does not answer my ticket. I may have to reschedule this weeks show…

Shamas I Maximus (@Shamas_Maximus)

(Although Spacial have now stopped people writing on their Facebook page)

Seems they can’t handle criticism from paying customers about their badly coded software, If someone dares to complain they claim you’re using “Hate speech” and shut down your ticket/account.

We used SAM Broadcaster for a long time so we know all its little “quirks” and we’ve been frustrated time after time with the lack of stability & support for the program.

Forget paying $$$ to Spacial Audio for their broken software. They really don’t seem interested in fixing bugs that in some cases are over 15 years old.

RadioDJ has very few issues (bugs) and a great support network with users from all over the world giving up their spare time to post on the forums with helpful & friendly answers.

RadioDJ free radio automation software is coded for the .NET framework it runs alongside a MySQL server.

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Once I had RadioDJ setup and working it never once let me down and that story is still true 6 years later.

The main reason to use RadioDJ is indeed the fact its incredibly stable & reliable. We’ve never had it crash while doing a recording or live show with it.

Another user has had it running on an old XP laptop for over Over 18 months

“RadioDJ won’t hog resources like SAM Broadcaster as it uses very little processing power and can run on systems with as little as 1GB of RAM 1GHZ processor”

We can guarantee RadioDJ will outperform other paid for automation solutions, Its usually been Windows updates that have interrupted our uptime.

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Download RadioDJ v2.0.0.1

“RadioDJ free radio automation is the future of radio automation software”

RadioDJ makes playing music a pleasure NOT a chore! That’s why it’s becoming more and more popular.

Also despite what some blog posts might say RadioDJ really is FREE* (No Catches – No Keys – No Activations)

Whoever it was that asked the original question: We hope we convinced you to use RadioDJ in the end if not our mission failed.

How good is SAM? It’s not very good at all its a poorly coded POS that has no place in the world of Internet radio.

(*Future versions of RadioDJ may have paid for features but will still have a free version)

P.S: FYI I’ve never wanted to be a Spacial Audio affiliate & I’m sure as shit NOT biased about Radio DJ.

It just happens to be the best piece of software we’ve had the pleasure to use (FACT)

Last updated on: November 1st, 2017
at 15:38 PM Europe/London

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