SAM Broadcaster Pro

Even after you have paid out all that money to Spacial Audio you still don’t own the software outright you only lease it!

“The Software (SAM Broadcaster) in this EULA (End User Licence Agreement) is being licensed to You and not sold”

Spacial Audio could tell you to stop using their software anytime they please.

However there is a totally FREE solution.

For a more comprehensive list of RadioDJ features please visit this LINK

You should only need one reason to use RadioDJ and that’s the fact it’s 100% FREE (Not misleading!)

RadioDJ free radio automation software

How To Install RadioDJ

Looking for FREE versions of SAM Broadcaster?

You won’t find any and using a warez/pirated copy makes you look like an amateur in the world of online radio. Stations may not take you on if you’re using prated software to stream with.

“SAM Broadcaster free version… Never in a month of Sundays”

Stop looking for and using pirated software!

Last updated on: 12th September 2019
at 14:38 PM Europe/London