Search term appeared on Google analytics recently

“SAM Broadcaster free download with registration key”


Unfortunately It seems the message about using cracked/pirated copies of SAM Broadcaster hasn’t quite filtered through to some people.

Not a day seems to go by without us seeing someone somewhere searching for a cracked copy of SAM on Google analytics.

When will these people wake up and realise they don’t need a pirated copy of SAM Broadcaster?

They just need to download RadioDJ for FREE No keys/patches/activations required.

Once setup and installed RadioDJ will work better than any patched version of SAM Broadcaster ever could.

How To Install RadioDJ

Using a pirated copy of SAM Broadcaster only makes YOU look like an complete Amateur in the world of online radio…

We just live in hope that one day we will see a slowdown of people looking for pirated copies of software they have NO hope of cracking.

Last updated on: 5th September 2019
at 12:56 PM Europe/London