SAM Broadcaster Crossfade Problems

As hard as I tried over the years I could never get SAM Broadcaster to transition smoothly between songs.

“This happened with every version of the software from 2.7.9 through to the newer versions. So it’s not just a problem confined to one version of SAM Broadcaster but every version of it”

Even the default settings would cut the end of a song off. All my files were ripped properly and volume levelled so that wasn’t the issue.

I even tried settings that Festerhead suggested on the SAM Broadcaster forums but that only made the issue worse.

“We think Spacial Audio ripped off the SQR Crossfade plugin from Winamp and totally ruined it when they coded it into SAM”

This is not a problem I’ve encountered with RadioDJ.

RadioDJ crossfades without cutting the ends of songs off. These are the crossfade settings I use with RadioDJ.

Fade out duration = 3900
Start Threshold = -25 db
Mix Threshold = -15 db
End Threshold = -28 db

If you have been frustrated by the crossfade not working properly in SAM Broadcaster then we know exactly how you feel.

You can control cue points easier In RadioDJ than you can SAM Broadcaster.

Make the switch to RadioDJ free radio automation software and all your crossfading nightmares should be over!

Remember you don’t need to keep paying Spacial Audio money for software that simply doesn’t work as it was designed.

How To Install RadioDJ

Last updated on: 15th August 2018
at 16:10 PM Europe/London