A couple of years ago I wrote an article about the amount of tweets on Twitter there were with people offering cracked versions of SAM Broadcaster Pro.

SAM Broadcaster

You can see how bad the problem is just from the figures.

Nothing ever changes I see searches on an almost daily/weekly basis from people trying to get their hands on a cracked copy of SAM Broadcaster.

“Has anyone got any SAM Broadcaster Pro Master Keys”?

It just proves there are still IDIOTS (lets not mince words) out there desperate to get their sticky fingers on an illegal copy of SAM Broadcaster Pro.

You don’t need a SAM Broadcaster Crack!

If you have downloaded and installed a cracked/pirated copy of SAM Broadcaster from some Torrent site or other dodgy crack site. STOP right there! It could be have been altered to contain Trojans and other nasty malware.

That’s the last thing you want on your computer! Trojans and viruses could be used to steal your personal information such as Bank details/Website passwords etc.

SAM Broadcaster is dodgy enough without adding a Virus laden copy into the mix. Plus the cracked version will never work properly and will likely crash every 10 minutes.

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What we suggest you do is uninstall the cracked/patched copy of SAM Broadcaster from your computer making sure you delete the program folder(s) as well.

Then you need to run a virus scan with a decent antivirus software such as Norton/Bitdefender/Avast/AVG etc…

Also give your registry a repair with a program that can do that for you.

After you have done a Virus and Malware scan…

We suggest you download FREE software that doesn’t require keys or patches and that piece of software is RadioDJ free radio automation software.

RadioDJ free radio automation software

How To Install RadioDJ

With various plugins for things like audio processing and now playing info.

RadioDJ does pretty much what SAM Broadcaster can but it does it 100% better

You’ll be thankful in the end when your computer stops crashing because you decided to install a SAM Broadcaster crack patch on your computer.

We know one thing though: The problem of people wanting to crack SAM Broadcaster Pro is totally out of Spacial Audio’s control. Its a big issue with certain pieces of radio automation software, maybe the kids who get into Internetradio as a hobby can’t afford $$$ for software?

If you have any issues installing RadioDJ support can be found on the Community Forums

N.B: For people searching for a 64-bit version of SAM Broadcaster Pro you will be OUT OF LUCK as SAM has only ever been a 32-bit program.

So no need for searches like sambc-up64

Last updated on: 8th December 2019
at 07:48 AM Europe/London