SAM Broadcaster Cloud is Spacial Audio’s cloud based auto DJ system.

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Except SAM Broadcaster Cloud really isn’t worth spending the $$$ on. It’s been plagued with problems & outages since it was launched.

SAM Broadcaster Cloud outages

“It’s just one disaster after another with Spacial Audio and their badly coded software solutions. They’ve never got anything working as it was designed”

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One user also complained that when they went to upload .mp3 files to SAM Broadcaster Cloud it automatically re-encoded them into AAC+ format.

So if you’ve uploaded 320kbps .mp3 files it will have converted them into a lossy format which in turn will make the audio on your cloud stream sound poor.

The last thing you need is a poor sounding stream it will just make listeners avoid your station.

“Mind you have to keep those listeners in the first place and listeners won’t stick with a station that has poor sound & keeps going offline because of cloud service outages”

Which is just another reason we can see customers getting fed up really quickly with SAM Broadcaster Cloud.

Another reason to steer clear of Spacial Audio and their subscription model would be this…

A reputable company wouldn’t dare to do anything like that.

Maybe one day Spacial audio will get their act together BUT We won’t hold our breath on that one!

Last updated on: 26th December 2019
at 14:58 PM Europe/London