We keep seeing posts from lots of frustrated SAM Broadcaster Cloud customers.

SAM Broadcaster Cloud outage 3

Sorry Folks, the stream is down! Hopefully the good folks @spacial will have this figured out soon!

It appears there have been several major outages on the platform hosting Spacial Audio’s SAM Broadcaster Cloud solution.

SAM Broadcaster Cloud outages

One user had this to say on Twitter:

@spacial SAM Cloud has been hanging a lot lately. Today starting just before noon, there was three hours of silence before I caught it. This is not acceptable! please fix.

We quite often see people saying things like this too.

Another station owner felt he had apologise to his listeners:

“We’re sorry our presenters couldn’t go live tonight. The issues were beyond our control. Hopefully @spacial get sorted soon”

How is anyone supposed to run a radio stream successfully on a cloud server if that cloud server suffers with lots of problems and failures?

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This is on top of the dreaded buffering problem that people keep suffering from.

SAM  Broadcaster Cloud Buffering.

“I still can’t log on with SAM Broadcaster Live DJ. When is this going to be fixed? I missed doing a live show tonight because of the problems”

We thought the whole idea of a “Cloud” service was so people could leave their station to automate without the need for a PC to always be on?

Spacial audio marketing recently bragged that you would be able to leave SAM Broadcaster Cloud to the automation…

“Hey @spacial cloud DJ is busted fix it please I’m loosing money!”

With the SAM Broadcaster Cloud servers having several major outages recently it doesn’t appear to be the case.

The current model/service doesn’t appear to be working properly for anyone. Station owners and DJ’s aren’t going to want to pay out $$$ for a “cloud” service that isn’t up to the job.

This was the suggestion one user made on Twitter after the latest outage.

Stop paying Spacial Audio for their cloud services they obviously have NO clue as to how to run them.

Last updated on: 8th December 2019
at 07:49 AM Europe/London