SAM Broadcaster Bad SQL!

We keep seeing posts on the Spacial Audio Facebook pages and forums from people saying that their queue list table within MySQL has crashed and is corrupted.

This is usually the MySQL error that people get.

“MySQLi prepare error: Table ‘samdb_mysql.queuelist’ doesn’t exist”

This is nothing new and has been a major issue within SAM Broadcaster SQL tables ever since SAM Broadcaster v2.7.9

It just goes to show that the SQL structure wasn’t written properly in the first place.

In fact it’s a really badly written SQL structure which is prone to going wrong when you least want it too.

SAM Broadcaster’s badly coded SQL structure was also another reason we ditched the program and started using RadioDJ

We have yet to have a major database crash with RadioDJ.

There is a simple fix for this.

You will be a lot happier in the long run.

There is just no need for SAM Broadcaster to have badly coded SQL tables!

Update: July 2017

Spacial Audio’s code monkeys appear to have done some work to the MySQL Tables

v2017.6 (3 July 2017)
* Updated database structure for FireBird and MySQL to be more consistent across databases.

We will wait to see what we see from users of the software as to whether this makes SAM Broadcaster more stable (Only time will tell) so far I’m still hearing reports of crashing and stability issues with SAM.

Plus you cannot backup the SAM Broadcaster database without knowledge of using external tools to back it up.

“The built-in backup tool isn’t made for this and usually has problems with the default MySQL security settings which prevent the MySQL daemon from writing backup files to the hard disk itself”

However you can backup the database in RadioDJ & its over 4 years now since I last installed my RadioDJ database from scratch. The joys of having a daily backup with the database setup tool.

Last updated on: 6th September 2019
at 12:22 PM Europe/London