Recently searched through Audiorealm and started tuning into a few random radio stations.

Some of them were quite good and sounded brilliant. Some of them however did not.

Digging a bit deeper the reason for the poor audio quality on some of the stations was immediately clear.

They were either using badly ripped mp3 files or the sound processing in SAM Broadcaster wasn’t set up properly either way they sounded Awful.

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I could never get a decent sound out of SAM Broadcaster even testing on the 3.x.x & 4.x.x versions with the built in on board AGC

We think the AGC in SAM Broadcaster is a rehash of a Winamp plugin called “SoundSolution” last time I tested it the DSP version crashed the computer.

The audio would never sound right in SAM Broadcaster no matter how many different settings/audio plugins you tried.

@spacial I’ve been waiting for an answer for 2 months I have a problem with my transmission audio quality”

The onboard AGC in SAM Broadcaster was badly programmed from the beginning not a lot of thought was given as to what the end result would be. That result is poor sounding audio.

I eventually switched back to my local Shoutcast stream which is powered by RadioDJ and it sounds 10 times better than those few stations that were using SAM Broadcaster.

“My little home radio station sounds as professional as the big FM boys with RadioDJ”

If you don’t believe me Try RadioDJ out for yourself with these audio processing settings

RadioDJ sound processing

If your audio files are ripped at the right bitrate and format you should notice a huge difference in audio between SAM Broadcaster and RadioDJ.

These settings are merely a guide however feel free to tweak them if its not sounding right for you

How To Install RadioDJ

Last updated on: 6th September 2019
at 12:27 PM Europe/London