Saw this search term in amongst the terms on this website recently.

“SAM Broadcaster Auto Close”

Is this problem really still happening with SAM Broadcaster in this day and age?

I’d love to know which version it is that isn’t working for this person.

SAM Broadcaster suddenly quitting or crashing without warning always has been a huge issue with the software.

SAM Broadcaster relies on .XML files for most of its functions and if those files get corrupted SAM throws its toys out of the pram.

These people having these random shut down problems with SAM Broadcaster really should switch software to something just like RadioDJ

We’ve never had RadioDJ suddenly quit on us its worked everytime we’ve gone to use the software.


RadioDJ has a proven track record of 2 Years Uptime with very few issues.

There’s certainly been no crashing or malfunctioning unless it was a problem with the Windows Computer, Hardware or Drivers.

Disc drives have been the main culprit of any downtime since 2010. We now run our music files off an SSD (Solid State Drive)

RadioDJ could do so much for your automation and your station if you just give it a chance and learned how to use it.

“I don’t care what anyone else says SAM Broadcaster is a badly coded, infuriating POS”

The next time SAM Broadcaster “Auto Closes” on you just uninstall it! & start using other more reliable solutions already mentioned on this page.

Once setup and working RadioDJ will work as an automation program should.

How To Install RadioDJ

POS = Piece of Software or Piece of Shit? (I’ll let you decide which)

Last updated on: 9th December 2019
at 12:46 PM Europe/London