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“SAM Broadcaster Alternative”

RadioDJ v2.0.0

It’s always nice to see people searching for an alternative to SAM Broadcaster.

A really great alternative to SAM Broadcaster is RadioDJ

RadioDJ is a FREE radio automation package (No Catches/No Keys/No hidden fees)

Please Note: There will eventually be a paid for fork of RadioDJ But there will still be the free version for those who require it

RadioDJ makes running a music stream really easy. We’ve used RadioDJ since 2011 & swear by it for automating our music with.


If you run RadioDJ alongside Standalone encoding you can stream to any Shoutcast/Icecast server.

“You’ll be amazed once you get up and running with RadioDJ it’s a powerful beast!”

What are you waiting for? Give it a spin today its not going to cost you anything to try it out!

Here’s a tutorial to help you get RadioDJ Setup and working.

How To Install RadioDJ

If you’re still stuck and need help then visit the RadioDJ Community Forums

If you see someone looking for a “SAM Broadcaster alternative” then tell them “RadioDJ free radio automation” is what they should be looking for.

Also If you know of someone who is frustrated with SAM Broadcaster and it’s Many Issues then also let them know about RadioDJ.

N.B: If you decide that RadioDJ isn’t for you because you’re scared of running a MySQL database then there are other automation programs you can use but don’t expect any of them to be any good.

Last updated on: 18th September 2018
at 11:17 AM Europe/London