I visit the Spacial Audio forums and Facebook pages every few days just to see what the latest complaints from users are.

It seems several users have had issues activating SAM Broadcaster & in some cases this has meant the DJ missing their regular radio show.

Activation issues should never happen with radio automation software, A DJ needs the software they are using to do their job.


The SAM Broadcaster activation system never seems to work properly even when users deactivate the software before they reinstall the program.

It’s the one thing we see more complaints about apart from the software crashing or freezing.

I have never had these issues with RadioDJ and I really do mean NEVER! because RadioDJ doesn’t require activations.

Not had to reinstall RadioDJ in a while now, The last time it was (re)installed was to update to the latest version. A 2 minute job if that that to upgrade.

Save yourself the headaches of SAM Broadcaster and it’s activation issues and download RadioDJ instead.

RadioDJ free radio automation software

RadioDJ is 100% FREE with no hidden catches/costs and knocks spots off SAM Broadcaster at every turn.

How To Install RadioDJ

Plus when RadioDJ is installed it will perform like a star and because there’s no activation needed it won’t keep locking you out or shutting down like SAM Broadcaster.

You will be able to do radio shows without having to worry about software Activation Issues stopping you in your tracks.

No more waiting for Spacial Audio support to get back to you with their usual “canned replies” and other unhelpful advice.

“Such obstacles to activation are one reason people turn to cracks or other means to bypass utterly infuriating malfunctioning/inefficient software licensing regimes”

Makes much more sense using a piece of software that doesn’t need activating all the time don’t you think?.

Last updated on: 6th September 2019
at 12:27 PM Europe/London