I wondered how long it would take for the search terms for SAM Broadcaster 2018 to start appearing.

Recently someone’s searched Google for “How To Get SAM Broadcaster 2018 full FREE?” and then landed on my website as its shown up in Google analytics.

By now they hopefully should know the answer to their search.

“There is NO such beast as a free copy of SAM Broadcaster 2018 or any other Spacial Audio software, all their products cost $$$”

SAM Broadcaster in its various flavours can cost between $299 and $699 and even then you only lease the software you don’t own it outright.

However there is a totally free radio automation program that knocks spots of SAM Broadcaster!

We recommend RadioDJ free radio automation software and yes the clue is in the name “FREE Radio Automation” it won’t cost you anything to try it.

RadioDJ doesn’t require any year on year subscriptions, It won’t crash and burn like SAM Broadcaster.

How To Install RadioDJ

You can run multiple instances of RadioDJ which is something you cannot do with SAM Broadcaster due to restrictions in their EULA

RadioDJ is really stable and reliable we haven’t had a major issue with the software and we’ve used it since 2011. If something has gone wrong its usually been computer/hardware related.

We really don’t know why people still keep searching for free copies of for SAM Broadcaster, Its a badly coded POS and full of bugs that will stop you in your tracks at some point.

We often see posts like this from SAM users that are having issues.

“I seem to have spoken too soon SAM crashed after about 10 minutes, Not sure what’s going on. This is unacceptable. Will be submitting a ticket tomorrow”

How to get a free copy of SAM Broadcaster? There isn’t one!

Last updated on: 11th July 2019
at 08:20 AM Europe/London